Susan Moore is about to hire the wrong man to investigate her philandering husband, Will. There's something not quite right about that detective, but he's all she has at the moment.

"Warren Lane" drinks too much and has a hard time staying out of trouble. He's just the kind of guy Will's mistress can't resist. And everyone is starting to figure out that Will is hiding a lot more than his affair with a reckless young woman.

After watching so many women instinctively recoil from him, Maxine coached into him some basic manners and the appearance of kindness. But these qualities were not native to him, and he was unable to express them with grace or ease. Instead, he came off as overly polite, while inwardly he chafed at the constraints of civility, like a 13-year-old boy whose mother had stuffed him into his Sunday school suit when he'd rather be out torturing cats.

— Warren Lane